Dr. Rajya Laxmi, Nepal
Stipendiatin, Dr. Rajya Laxmi Gurung, Nepal
Dr. Laxmi übt verschiedene Techniken für die Netzhautoperation

Dr Rajya Laxmi Gurung arbeitet seit 2013 in der Netzhaut-Abteilung des Biratnagar Eye Hospitals.
Sie machte ihre Ausbildung am Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology. Sie ist hoch engagiert in ihrem Job und den Patienten gegenüber. Sie ist ein Inbegriff in Bezug auf ihre Verantwortung gegenüber ihren Patienten, Kollegen, Junioren und dem Krankenhaus.

EVRTS mini-fellowship 2016
Neben allgemeineren Netzhaut Themen, interessiert sie sich besonders für pädiatrische Netzhautoperationen. Zudem betreibt sie Forschungsaktivitäten. Dr. Gurnugn hat im Jahr 2016 an der European VitreoRetinal Training School teilgenommen. Hier ihr Bericht:

It is always fun and exciting to travel to new places, especially to places which you have dreamt to be a part of. Moreover, when travelling is mixed with learning and gaining new experience, the fun becomes many folds more. My mini fellowship to bremen , EVRTS 2016, from 15-27 th May 2016 was nothing short of all the afore- mentioned experience.

The 2 wks in Bremen was a rich learning experience. A highly packed schedule from 9 am to sometimes  even 8 pm in the evening,the presentations would be very stimulating and up todate. Not only the presentations, but the discussions would  be equally informative where we could clarify our doubts with world renowned speakers. All the speakers were very encouraging and they would try their best to explain our queries.  Moreover EVRTS team has provided us with the PDF version and CD’’s  of all the talks which i think will be of great value for future reference.

Apart from the presentations, we were also taken to operation theatre for observation , where we saw live surgeries. Not only the operation theatre, but the entire hospital was better than a five star hotel, where patients were treated with utmost care and patience.
Besides the classes and the operation theatre, getting a chance to practice in the world class “Simulation Machine” was an out of the world experience for me, no wonder so many of us would wake up at 1 am/ 2 am/ 3 am in the morning to reserve ourselves a slot to practice in the simulation machine.
Though the main aim of this fellowship is to upgrade and tune ourselves to various vitreo-retinal and other ocular dis-orders, this fellowship  was also a platform to meet physicians and surgeons from so many countries and share our fears and ideas, to learn about the medical fraternity in different countries and to learn how they function in different parts of the world.
My report would be incomplete if i do not mention about the incredible professionalism of the organising committee….Prof Dr Klause, Dr Sylvia, Inka Frederich and the entire hospital team.
Also, not to forget the ever helpful hotel staffs of Munte Hotel, Bremen.
At last but not the least, it was a great learning experience not only from academic point of view, but also, this fellowship has and will help a lot in my personal development not only as a good clinician, but as a good human being also.


Many greetings from Nepal to Vision for the World
Dr Rajya Laxmi Gurung

Dr Rajya Laxmi Gurung at the EVRTS 2016, Bremen
Dr Rajya Laxmi Gurung at the EVRTS 2016, Bremen