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Fuerth, October 2015

Dear Members and Friends of Vision for the World e.V.

After the long summer break, we are pleased to once again report on our recent activities and share interesting news from the past few weeks and months in our Newsletter. We hope you enjoy reading the September Newsletter.

With best wishes,

Susanne Grethlein
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2015 Annual General Meeting
with a report on the earthquake in Nepal

The Board of Vision for the World convened the 13th Annual Members=92 Assembly of the Association in Nuremberg, Germany. It was held on 9 July 2015 and as in the previous year, took place at the chambers of law firm, Kn=F6chel, Buckert, Burkhardt & Kollegen. In his capacity as Chairman No.1 of Vision for the World and as convening head of the Annual Members=92 Assembly, Max Reindl welcomed participating members and guests. He thanked all the members, sponsors and companies for supporting the humanitarian mission of Vision for the World with financial and material donations. The Board reported on the current situation in Nepal in the wake of the disastrous earthquake. The damage to the buildings of the two hospitals in Lahan and Biratnagar will be repaired in the coming weeks. However, a report on the severity of the damage to medical equipment has not yet been completed.

Max Reindl again thanked donors who supported the work of Vision for the World with their  spontaneous financial assistance after the earthquake. For a limited period of time, the donations received will also help fund the necessary cataract operations for those affected. 

Next on the agenda, Chairman No. 2 of Vision for the World, Susanne Grethlein, reported in detail on current ongoing projects and those that have been successfully completed. After the reports by the Press Officer, the Treasurer and the Auditor, the Executive Board was unanimously discharged by the Annual Members=92 Assembly.

Grant for Anju Thapa ends

=46rom August 2015, Anju Thapa will take up a post as Medical Officer at a hospital near her home village. At the same time, she will be preparing for her Postgraduate Master=91s Degree. She will be sitting the relevant Master=92s exams at the Institute of Medicine in Kathmandu during the period from April to August 2016. Anju Thapa will be funding the cost of her further education herself from now on. We should like to wish her every success for her future career and her medical work in Nepal and shall continue to keep in touch with her.

Anju Thapa is a fine example of the success of the grant programme which Vision for the World provides for the education, learning materials and examination fees of students from less fortunate social circumstances, enabling them to receive medical training and further education in medicine. For our part, we place a high value on training students in their own, or a neighbouring, country. In this way, in addition to the purely medical education, we can obtain a better understanding of the local needs and circumstances which will subsequently inform medical practice there.

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